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Enroll in Our FREE Master class Positive Parenting & Improving focus in Academics

Empowering Parents: Navigating Study, Screen, and Stress for Your Child's Well-being

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Presented by Leading Mindset Coach  Mahesh Masal
Trained Over One Million Lives in Last 19 Years

Mr Mahesh Masal with over 19 years of experience as a Leading Mindset Coach. He addresses the modern challenges of excessive screen time, unhealthy eating habits, mood swings and frequent anger outbursts in children. Parents seek his guidance to solve these issues through simple ready-to-apply video lessons. Mr. Masal is the Founder and Director of Vistar Zindagi, an Online University, and the author of the best-selling book "It is Never Too Late” Parents participate in his training to nurture a healthier, happier future for children.

FREE Master class Positive Parenting & Improving focus in Academics

  • Spending most of their time alone or on gadgets.

  • Lack of communication could indicate emotional issues or difficulties in expressing themselves.

  • A lack of interest in studying may require parental involvement to identify and address the underlying cause.

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November 4th, 07:00 PM

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